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If you are a girl, it is normal to be anxious about your looks and personality. Girls want to be a heart of every ceremony, they are attending. They do a lot of things to look beautiful and attractive. Attraction and beauty are related to each other BUT having a beautiful face does not mean you have attraction. Attraction does not lie in your face BUT in the each and every feature of your body.

Here are some useful tips and tricks to look attractive and beautiful:

1.    SKIN CARE:

Skin is the most sensitive part of our body. If someone wants to analyze your personality, he/she will start from your face. So it is very important to own a glowing skin and shiny face if you want to look beautiful as well as attractive. Your face wants your attention and care. You have to spend 5-10 minutes daily on your face in order to maintain your beauty. Because beauty is something hard to gain and easy to lose.

You should:

·       Wash your face with fresh water at least three times a day.

·       If you really want to save your time, use Pakistan’s best cleanser namely Face Fresh Cleanser Face Wash

·       It will not only save your time but money as well as beauty.

·       In case you are too tired before going to bed, you do not have to do anything. Just apply our best cleanser and rub your face for 5 minutes.

·       Wash away with fresh water and you will get what you really want.

·       If you do not moisturize your skin day and night, all your efforts will be wasted. Because wrinkles pop up immediately on dry skin. Especially your nose and mouth region affected ridiculously.

·       Now you are getting tired to think that you don’t have time and stamina to do such things. DO NOT WORRY. Just use best moisturizer & fairness cream which is known as Face Fresh Fairness Cream

·       It is very cheap as compared to other home remedies. It contains natural ingredients which will purify your skin perfectly. It has no damaging effect as it is made up of all the natural and good quality ingredients. You can carry it along with you and can apply anytime you feel dryness or if you want fairness.

2.    SHOWER:

Try to make a routine of taking shower daily for at least 10 minutes in the morning. You will feel fresh no matter what is going on in your personal or professional life. Showering will regularly help you to clean out bacteria and lower oil production on your skin. One should shower after exercise in order to get best results.


Avoid eating oily food as it will increase acne on your body. Avoid junk food. Get proper amount of vegetable, fruit, and proteins. You should eat variety of food which will help you to provide natural shine to your skin. Drinking a lot of water will naturally help you to remove acne. Water is the doctor’s first advice. It will keep your skin hydrated specially in winter.

4.    SLEEP:

Eight hours of proper sleep will help you to reduce acne as it relaxes you mentally as well as physically. You should regulate your skin cycle.


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